Kink of the Week, Panties

On the bed he finds a note. It simply says “Put these on.” Picking up the black lace panties, he rubs them across his face. He loves the feel of lace against his skin. Following her instructions, he pulls off his pants and underwear.

As his cock is hardening, he slips on her panties. Looking down he can see his cock quickly growing underneath the lace.  He can feel it throbbing with excitement. Knowing what his mistress wants, he positions himself on the bed and waits.

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Not knowing when she will walk through the door, the anticipation builds. His cock swells and grows with each passing minuet. The lace pulls tight against his bulging head cutting into his hot skin. He longs to stroke his cock, to feel his lace warped rod in his hand.

Knowing better, he resists. The longer the wait, the more excited he gets. With erotic fantasies of what’s to come swirly in his mind, his excitement builds.

Pre-cum slowly begins to bubble out of his cock, he can see it growing into a large drop and fall onto the sheets.

He knows how his lover enjoys licking his droplets. Imagining how she looks licking her lips and savoring each droplet, the sound of heals clicking on the tile floor fill the house. He smiles knowing that she’ll be pleased to see his wetness and eager to taste.

Kink of the Week

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