Tantus Wham Bam Paddle Giveaway

Hubby and I really enjoy impact play. We use paddles, whips and floggers. Out of all the tools we have, our Tantus silicone paddles are our favorites.

With two in our toy box, I can assure you that Tantus’ paddles are unlike anything we’ve tried before. Not for the faint of heart, these paddles are firm, soft and have a nice bite when they make impact. The sensation they create is in the hands of the wielder. They can be rubbed across the skin, used with a light flick or deliver a painful sting.


Made from Tantus’ signature premium silicone, they’re easy to care for and light weight.

Do you want the chance to try one of these amazing paddles? Now you have the chance. Tantus has graciously offered to sponsor this giveaway for their Wham Bam paddle.

What are you waiting for? Enter to win today and experience the difference of a silicone paddle during your playtime.

Want to know more about Tantus’ ground breaking silicone paddles? Check out my comparison review of their Pelt and Thwak paddles. 


This giveaway is open worldwide. However, if you live outside of the USA, please be aware that you may be responsible for customs fees. 

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21 Responses to Tantus Wham Bam Paddle Giveaway

  1. Heaven says:

    I have really enjoy paddles for spanking. I like the way you have to wait to get that good ol smack and feel the intensity before hand.

  2. We have quite a few impact toys (but no silicone paddle), but if I had to choose one, my black cow hide flogger from an artisan in the USA, would be my favorite. What I like about impact play, is that you can vary it a lot, go from relaxing thud to bites to sharp you jump up, and everything in between.

  3. Gwen says:

    Would love to win this paddle. I love impact play and have a number of floggers but no paddle that I really love.

  4. Vulgar Vag says:

    I like the way the sensation spreads across your skin and builds as the blows increase. I love feeling a hand massaging me in between smacks, and the anticipation of the next one. I would love to experience the difference that a silicone paddle would make in terms of sensation and force. Love the smooth feel and classy look of them too.

  5. I love the build up. Waiting for it, then jumping because even though you knew it was coming it still caught you off guard. I have a silicone paddle from Pipedream that I’m really loving, but I would love to compare it to a Tantus one. I know the Pipedream paddle isn’t as floppy as the Tantus ones.

  6. bluekaren says:

    I love the feeling of release as the flogger (or hand, or belt, or whatever) smacks me). It’s nothing less than I deserve.

  7. Angel says:

    I love the anticipation of the pain. Also how it excites my sweeties both the ones that I spank and those that are spanking me.

  8. Raine says:

    Wooden spoons and/or just a hand work wonders for me, I like the lingering ache and sensations long after-it’s a reminder of what you did and gets me all worked up again.

  9. Jill says:

    I just found a new partner that I’d love to use that on — I think he’d love it.

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