Comparison Review of Tantus Thwack and Pelt Paddles

Take your impact play to a whole new level with Tantus. That’s right, Tantus, the company we all know and love for quality silicone dildos steps into the BDSM ring with their latest product line; silicone paddles.

Perfect for advanced players, these silicone paddles offer everything you could ever want from a paddle. They are firm and sturdy, have a nice feel in the hand of the yielder, deliver erotic sensations and have an amazing sound. In addition, these paddles are easy to care for and designed to last a life time.

Who would have ever thought silicone could feel so good. Velvety to the touch, the silicone is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

We don’t have a lot of run to work with in our bedroom and consequently most of our play takes place on the bed. Also, since Hubby has a bad back, standing up and bending over is an issue. Needless to say, we tend to always play on our bed. Unfortunately, many impact play toys such as floggers are just too long for us to use. Thank goodness, Tantus thought of up close and personal play when they designed their line of paddles. I’m proud to say that we own both the Pelt and Thwack Paddles.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking these paddles are all the same. Each of these paddles has an individual feel. The feelings are so distinct that blindfolded I can pick out which paddle Hubby is using.

The Pelt paddle is perfectly designed for Pelting. Its oval shape and the flexibility of the silicone lets you smack over and over with little effort.

I love the oval shape for something much different. I love it for its petite stature and width. At only 11 ½ inches long and 3 ½ inches wide, it’s perfect to use for spanking my tender bits. Bind my breasts with rope and spread my legs wide open. Grab the paddle and tease me with a nice spanking. Oh la la. On my short list of what really gets my juices flowing is the erotic feeling for breast bondage and torture. Not to mention, having my pussy spanked too. It just drives me wild. We have tried lots of slender tools. Such as, the D-ring slapper and LELO’s suede whip, amougnst others. Hand down the Pelt Paddle is the best tool for this type of play in our tool box.

The Thwack Paddle is a designed for a good old fashioned paddling. Its rectangular shape is ideal for a large impact area. At 12 inches in length, it’s the perfect size to bend your naughty lover over your knee. Much better than a hand, the solid surface area creates an even thud sensation. The striking surface is 3 inches by 6.5 inches. Small enough not to feel awkward, yet large enough to do the job right; the Thwack Paddle’s size is just right. Use it for a traditional spanking or even spread your lovers legs wide and spank the inside of their tender thighs. The hard firm sensations of Thwack are sure leave them weak in the knees.

The Thwack Paddle is a bit firmer and heavier than the Pelt Paddle. When playing with both paddles, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. Set aside the difference in sensations, the striking surface area difference is distinguishable.

I would never give up either of my Tantus paddles. However, if I had to choose as my favorite it would defiantly be the Thwack. Since I like hard, firm, and solid thudy sensations, the Thwack paddle is perfect. A dream come true, Tantus has hit a home run with their Silicone Paddles.

Here’s the facts:
Tantus’ paddles are made from 100% premium silicone. Utilizing two layers of silicone, each piece is fused together with precision leaving the sides smooth. Made with the highest standards, the two pieces are perfectly lined up and don’t leave a sharp edge.

Easy to care for, silicone is non-porous and can be completely sterilized with a 10% bleach and water mixture.

Unlike other paddles, Tantus’ paddles are water proof and safe to use in the shower, hot tub, pool, or any where else your imagination takes you. No need to worry about lubricant or body fluids ruining your paddle, just wash the paddle off after your play time and all will be well.

Free from texture, these paddles are velvety smooth and feel great on the skin.

Without smell or taste, those with sensitivities should be fine.

Tantus’ silicone paddles pack a punch. With the slightest of power they can really bite. Therefore, it’s suggested to use them lightly as you warm up. With light taps, the skin can quickly becomes red hot and look all nice and bright red.

For those who enjoy the visual and audio side of impact play, these paddles are just what you crave. The solid black silicone paddles look intimidating and let your sub know you’re in control. Equally as nice, the sound is moderate and echos in the room with that crisp swack sound.

Designed to last a life time, Tantus’ paddles are a great investment.

If you like impact play and have been considering a new tool for your play, don’t wait another minuet. Grab one of Tantus’ four silicone paddles and let the games begin.

Pelt is an oval shaped paddle, with smooth and rounded edges. Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.Thwack is rigid and thick, providing a firm and stimulating delivery. Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

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6 Responses to Comparison Review of Tantus Thwack and Pelt Paddles

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  2. Heaven says:

    I agree the Twack is the one to go with. The name alone says it all.

  3. To me, the Thwack is the most attractive, I’ve never had a thing for round shaped for paddles.

  4. Vulgar Vag says:

    I’m drawn to the Pelt paddle because of the lovely round shape. It seems a bit less intense and since I’m fairly new to paddles this would be something ideal to start with. For some reason it makes me think of a beaver tail, haha maybe it’s the name. Either way, I wants it.

  5. Angel says:

    I would be fine with either one. I never had a paddle before and can’t wait to hold one and give some spankings as well as to receiving some. But I do agree that the Thwack does sound like it would be good for giving a nice spank.

  6. Huff says:

    I do like the look of the Pelt. Its shape reminds me of a hairbrush and conjures up memories of some happy/kinky times. Wood on bum, now there was a real “Thwack!” lol

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