Serving Him Sex Stories of Submission Power and Pleasure – Review

For those sweet moments alone, there is nothing like curling up with a good book and a glass of wine. With the lights dimmed and an erotic book, it’s fun to slip away into the world of fantasy.
Rather than long romance novels, I prefer short intense stories of hot and steamy sex. I like to cut through all of the filler and get to the passion gives me that flip and flutter between my legs.
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Serving Him edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press, is just one of those books. Her compilation of erotic short stories is erotic, sexy, intense, and realistic. For this book Rachel gathered twenty two short stories that walk you through the world of BDSM and gives you a glimpse into sexy scenes of submission, power and control.
In this book you will find hot and steamy stories with a wide range of Sensual Sadism; everything from bondage and spanking to public sex and power exchange. Unlike a few other books I’ve read, the stories in Serving Him, understand the true relationship of a Top and his Bottom reflecting that this power is freely yielded.
This book opens with “What You Deserve” by Lori Selke. A story full of anticipation, Deirdre enters her master’s apartment to find a note, blindfold and collar waiting for her. She happily complies with the message and sits still as her lover slowly feeds and teases her to the point of glorious orgasm and back before he finally gives her what she really deserves, shear ecstasy and delights as her body quivers with the sweet release.
In Kristina Wright’s “Coffee Break”, Meredith is working at the coffee shop and waiting for her Master’s call. When he finally calls his instructions are precise and require Meredith’s complete trust in him. Not wanting to displease him, she surrenders to his will and complies. Ordering exactly what he told her she heads to the bathroom and leaves the door unlocked as her Master instructed. She loves it when he pushes her limits. Undressing and kneeling on the floor, Meredith feels her juices. Lost in a moment of self pleasure the door opens… You’ll have to read this story to find out the rest.
One of my favorites is “The Letter” by Tiffany Reisz. In this story Leigh has held back from having sex with her new boyfriend. When he questions why, Leigh can’t bring herself to tell him how she longs to be dominated and controlled. Leigh promises to send him a letter explaining it all and she walks out of the restraint. Running to the mailbox every day, Brice’s couldn’t wait for his letter to arrive.  When the day finally came, Leigh’s letter explained in detail her fantasies of their first sexual encounter. She spoke of how he pinned her to the door, ordered her into position and cuffed her wrists before sliding his hard cock into her mouth. Brice couldn’t believe what he was reading. After reading it over again, he rushed to her apartment, walked in, and fell right into the role of her dominate lover. With passion, lust, and authority; Brice showed her that he was what she had been searching for.
This book is HOT. The authors draw you quickly into the stories and draw you into the moment. I love books like this. They are perfect to get you hot and ready for your lover, great to get ideas for your playtime from, and it’s even fun and erotic to read out loud to your lover. In this day and age of i-phones and kindles, there is nothing like holding a book in your hands. The smells of the paper, the feel of the pages as you turn them; this combined with the text is a mixture that can’t be beat.
We’ve read Serving Him as a build up for our play latter and have even gotten ideas to use in our own playtime. The stories are realistic and very enticing. If you are looking for sexy, real, and action packed short stores; this book is a must have.
What are you waiting for? Stop by Cleis Press and pick up your copy today.
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***This Book was provided to me for an honest and fair review.***
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