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  1. Anna Sky
    Anna Sky at |

    I like the idea of pain being fluid. Certain times of the month, I more susceptible to pain that at other times. A paper cut is the wrong kind of pain, yet a spanking hurts-so-good…

  2. Jade (@piecesofjade)
    Jade (@piecesofjade) at |

    Yep yep, totally in agreement on the perception of pain being fluid…one time something will bliss me out with pleasure, the next it’s an agony that I have to force myself to endure.

    I love how you think of canes and caning, btw, as a disciplinary tool. We don’t do discipline type scenes (real or play) but if we did – yes, canes would be the implement to use.

    And OMG – I googled “spanking sticks” – I want I want!!!!

  3. John
    John at |

    Like the idea of spanking sticks (are they like Molly’s misery sticks?)

  4. Sammi
    Sammi at |

    Maybe I should start out with a spanking stick – they don’t look quite so scary :-)

  5. LoriandHubby
    LoriandHubby at |

    Thank you all so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my thoughts.

    Yep, Spank Sticks are great! We use the smallest two from the collection on a regular basis :)

    IDK about Molly’s misery sticks, I’ll have to ck them out.

  6. dedi
    dedi at |

    I am curious about the spank sticks, although I am afraid that I would not like them very much ;) I like the idea of pain being fluid. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Molly
    Molly at |

    I completely agree about pain, it is very fluid and for me my mood, the temperature of the room and my hormones can all play a part in how I react to and what pain I want and can stand.



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