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Fetish Artists Husband With A Cane

Although I’ve recently begun to embrace the marks impact play can leave behind; I’m on the fence when it comes to a good canning. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fantasized about Hubby standing tall with authority brandishing a trusty cane. However my idea of playing with a cane is a bit different than the typical scene.

To me a cane is a guiding tool, used to show a submissive lover your authority to guide them with. Maybe they need a bit of probing or a reminding tap; but I never want what one would typically think of a canning.

On the other hand, I adore baby canes to use during breast bondage for a good nipple spanking. Also known as Spank Sticks, these mini canes are simply perfect. Stripes, oh yes I’ve carried a few of these. I crave it, I even long for it. Feeling the firm impact instantly makes me wet. I don’t understand why this is. It makes no logical sense; but, it’s true.

Experimenting over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that ‘pain’ is a fluid word. Each person’s perception of what’s painful is different. Therefore, you’re free to choose how you define sensations. Without fear you can determine what’s pleasure or pain. Explore and play, break free of mindsets and trust yourself. For me, this journey into kink has allowed me to discover myself. What will you discover?

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7 Responses to A thought about Canes – #KinkoftheWeek

  1. Anna Sky says:

    I like the idea of pain being fluid. Certain times of the month, I more susceptible to pain that at other times. A paper cut is the wrong kind of pain, yet a spanking hurts-so-good…

  2. Yep yep, totally in agreement on the perception of pain being fluid…one time something will bliss me out with pleasure, the next it’s an agony that I have to force myself to endure.

    I love how you think of canes and caning, btw, as a disciplinary tool. We don’t do discipline type scenes (real or play) but if we did – yes, canes would be the implement to use.

    And OMG – I googled “spanking sticks” – I want I want!!!!

  3. John says:

    Like the idea of spanking sticks (are they like Molly’s misery sticks?)

  4. Sammi says:

    Maybe I should start out with a spanking stick – they don’t look quite so scary :-)

  5. LoriandHubby says:

    Thank you all so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my thoughts.

    Yep, Spank Sticks are great! We use the smallest two from the collection on a regular basis :)

    IDK about Molly’s misery sticks, I’ll have to ck them out.

  6. dedi says:

    I am curious about the spank sticks, although I am afraid that I would not like them very much ;) I like the idea of pain being fluid. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Molly says:

    I completely agree about pain, it is very fluid and for me my mood, the temperature of the room and my hormones can all play a part in how I react to and what pain I want and can stand.


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