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  1. Rachel Kincaid (@RachelKincaid4)

    Holy moly. What an amazing image. I keep going back to have a look at it, Really well done.

    Rachel x

  2. SunkissedJess (@SunkissedJess)
    SunkissedJess (@SunkissedJess) at |

    this is a fucking amazing picture, Lori! I always love the scenery in your pictures, it’s always so beautiful.

  3. Penny
    Penny at |

    I love the way you’re suspended, and the background is beautiful; gorgeous images!

  4. The Sin Doll
    The Sin Doll at |

    I love this! Rope feels so great on the skin! The photo shows so much with you stretched out over the water.

  5. Kinky Mia
    Kinky Mia at |

    WOW!!!! Breathtaking!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. pottersproperty
    pottersproperty at |

    Lori, these are utterly amazing!! WOW!!!!

  7. PiecesofJade
    PiecesofJade at |

    Oh how awesome! I have been dreaming of doing a suspension outdoors. So well done!

  8. O
    O at |

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Absolute triumph of an image.

    O x

  9. Curvaceous Dee
    Curvaceous Dee at |

    So utterly stunning – I can’t get over how gorgeous this is! It’s also a Scavenger Hunt spot, so have updated the board with the location ‘river’ ticked off :)

    xx Dee

  10. Beck (@beck42069)
    Beck (@beck42069) at |

    This is amazing! You look fab!

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