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  1. Heaven
    Heaven at |

    That is awesome and what a cute tail. Looks like someone had fun.

  2. PropertyOfPotter
    PropertyOfPotter at |

    Beautiful images! I wish there were woods around us where we could be free like that. Lovely!

  3. l0rdraven
    l0rdraven at |

    beautiful pictures. I love the tail and I can image there are a few tales to tell about it. Thank you for sharing

  4. Twisted Angel
    Twisted Angel at |

    I am jealous, while I live in the country my neighbors are still a little bit too close to be safely playing on our space.. I hope you had fun although I am sure you did..

  5. Molly
    Molly at |

    Oh my gosh these are absolutely beautiful! I love the tail, I love the position you are laying in and then the amazing location. Bravo!


  6. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    Now this is the kind of fox I would love to stumble into when in the woods. Beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  7. Curvaceous Dee
    Curvaceous Dee at |

    Hot wee vixen :) Love the tail!

    xx Dee

  8. John
    John at |

    Anyone for a bout of fox hunting?

  9. Anna Sky
    Anna Sky at |

    Wow, what an adventure :)

  10. KaziG
    KaziG at |

    Awww, so cute! I hope that li’l foxy one got what was coming to her ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. TheSinDoll
    TheSinDoll at |

    I love the tail! Adorable!

  12. LoriandHubby
    LoriandHubby at |

    Thank you all so much. The tail is just lovely! When I first got it, I knew I had to get out in the woods and take some picks. W really enjoy walking about in the woods. Fortunately, there are still many areas that we can walk with very little chance of being caught. Thank goodness. I hope to take some more latter this weekend.

    I just adore your comments, thank you all for stopping by.. HUGS


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