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  1. Heaven
    Heaven at |

    I could not agree with you I like them all and would not be able to choose one. The shots came out wonderful.

  2. ImaGodiva
    ImaGodiva at |

    This SO reminds me of an R-rated version of the girl River from the Firefly series! Apt name too. Beautiful pics!

  3. Molly
    Molly at |

    Beautiful… I think the second is my favourite if I really HAD to pick but they are all stunning


  4. Penny
    Penny at |

    They are all stunning, but my favorites are the 2 in the middle; I love how your breasts show through your white dress & your position with open legs in the 2nd, and the close up of your breasts in the 3rd. Gorgeous!

  5. The Sin Doll
    The Sin Doll at |

    I really do think of the water scene in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” when I see these. This series has been my favorite of all that I’ve seen so far.I LOVE these.

  6. SunkissedJess (@SunkissedJess)
    SunkissedJess (@SunkissedJess) at |

    These pictures are gorgeous. I envy this creek/river place you get to visit.

  7. Amie
    Amie at |

    I think I like the third image the best. The composition is most interesting to me. :) But all of them are beautiful.

  8. SilverdropSilverdrop
    SilverdropSilverdrop at |

    Even now, modern Bronze Age heroes are beginning a new Odyssey to get back to home and this fair maiden. ;)

  9. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    Definitely, these are all stunning photos!

    Rebel xox

  10. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman at |

    All of these are stunning images and you look beautiful. I particularly like the last one. Perfect.

  11. dizzygirl812
    dizzygirl812 at |

    Romantic pictures.

  12. PropertyOfPotter
    PropertyOfPotter at |

    I can see why you would have trouble picking your favorite! I think I like the last one best. Your river photos are always so beautifully done!

  13. John
    John at |

    Amazing photographs; so stunning!

    White cotton garments when wet; there are few things so wonderful! :)

  14. KaziG
    KaziG at |

    Oh, they’re all lovely! I don’t think I could pick a favourite :)

    ~Kazi xxx


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