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  1. Molly
    Molly at |

    I love it when a plan comes… or is it cums… together! Sounds like this is just the beginning of an interesting new adventure


  2. Camryn Jones (@RynJ21)
    Camryn Jones (@RynJ21) at |

    I love it! My fantasies stop at strap on play, but this reads like my favorite erotica!

  3. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    Oh my! Sounds like you might be embarking on an interesting adventure!

    Rebel xox

  4. l0rdraven
    l0rdraven at |

    very nice, it can be quite a pleasure watching men together. I hope you get your wish. Thank you for sharing this very hot piece

  5. KaziG
    KaziG at |

    Very hot!! Glad he’s up for it :)

    ~Kazi xxx


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