Electro Erotic Fun with Kink Lab’s Neon Wand

neon wand resizeEver since Hubby and I saw a few porn clips that had electro erotic devices in them, we’ve been eager to try it out ourselves. The idea of being shocked while being teased is highly erotic. Needless to say we picked up a tans unit and began experimenting. Instantly hooked on the sensations, Hubby found lots of devious ways to put it to use.

Like many of the new things we’ve tried, it wasn’t long before we outgrew the baby steps of exploration and were ready for something more. Looking at several different types of electro erotic devices, one stood out from the rest; KinkLab’s Neon Wand.

Taking sensation play to a whole new level the Neon Wand is fun, comfortable and easy to use. Don’t let this wand fool you. Drawing on over 20 years of electro ray wands and fetish gear, the Neon Wand’s innovative design is leaps and bounds above that of those that have come before it.  With sensations similar to the violet wand, the Neon Wand is solid state with no internal moving parts. This allows the sensations to remain constant no matter how you move it.

neon wand resize 2 reviewWith a variety of glass electrode attachments, you can use the Neon Wand to tease and bring your lover to the edge with verity of sensations. Curving the current in a unique way each attachment delivers a completely different sensation.  The Neon Wand gives you complete control over the sensations with a wide range of power levels. With lower maximum settings; at its highest setting the Neon Wand doesn’t produce the intense or sometimes painful levels of traditional electric ray wands. This makes the Neon Wand a great choice for those who desire to use the wand in a more sensual manner. Not to mention, it’s safer and more comfortable for beginners to explore with.  Typically the sensations produced by the Neon Wand are described as anything from a pleasurable warm tingling sensation to a more intense and focused buzzing or pinching.

The complete Neon Wand kit comes with four glass attachments.

Electrode Comb – Because the current is divided between the comb teeth this probe is the mildest in the kit producing a warm tingling sensation. Letting all of the teeth brush near the skin will make the sensations divide the greatest. While allowing just one or two teeth to be used, the sensations will be a bit more intense.

Mushroom Tube – Concentrating the sensations in an area about the size of a dime, they are tend to feel more like a mild pinching.

Tongue Probe – Just as its name suggest, this probe’s shape bends the current to feel like it’s licking across your skin. Curved to a 45 degree angle, the currents arches and dances when it comes near your skin.  

90 Degree Probe – The most intense of the probes included. At a sharp curve the current is bent into a pin point arch. When the ball tip comes near your skin, the current jumps out with a sharp bite.


The Neon Wand is visually stimulating as well. Each kit comes in your choice of red or purple current that lights up the glass probe beautifully.

neon wand box review 3 resizeMaking storage simple and keeping your glass attachments secure, the Neon Wand comes in a sturdy storage box with a magnetic lid. The case is well padded and holds everything nice and safe. The box isn’t overly large and fits easily tucked away in your drawer or on a shelf.


Truly perfect for those who are new to electro ray devices, the Neon Wand is designed to allow you to explore feeling confidant and comfortable with the unit. The handle is light weight and contoured, allowing you to concentrate on your love and not the device. In addition, the Neon Wand is compact. The overall size is about that of a small paddle and feels like an extension of your body rather than a bulky foreign object.

The power level is easy to control and the intensity is reflected in the sound and size of the current flowing through the glass tube. With a well made dial that truly allows you control, the intensity can be gradually adjusted to find what’s just right for your lover.

When playing with your Neon Wand you will detect the faint smell similar to that of an ionizer. Don’t worry, this odor is produced by the current and is completely normal.

Hubby and I have fallen in quickly in love with our Neon Wand and have learned so much about electro erotic pleasures. There’s no way that I could possibly cover everything I have to share with you in one post. Stay tuned for more over the next week and I’ll share, tips and tricks, devious ideas, an in-depth look at how it works, safety and so much more.

Do you have questions about the Neon Wand? Just ask, and we’ll be happy to share our advice and experience with you.

Are you ready to give the Neon Wand a whirl? Stop by KinkLab and pick yours up today. You can even see a very informative video with an in-depth look at the Neon Wand and each attachment.

I can’t thank JT StockRoom enough for allowing us the opportunity to experience this amazing Wand. 

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