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  1. Tantus Wham Bam Paddle Giveaway | Kink, etc...

    […] to know more about Tantus’ ground breaking silicone paddles? Check out my comparison review of their Pelt and Thwak […]

  2. Heaven
    Heaven at |

    I agree the Twack is the one to go with. The name alone says it all.

  3. Bedroom Bondage (@BedroomBondage)

    To me, the Thwack is the most attractive, I’ve never had a thing for round shaped for paddles.

  4. Vulgar Vag
    Vulgar Vag at |

    I’m drawn to the Pelt paddle because of the lovely round shape. It seems a bit less intense and since I’m fairly new to paddles this would be something ideal to start with. For some reason it makes me think of a beaver tail, haha maybe it’s the name. Either way, I wants it.

  5. Angel
    Angel at |

    I would be fine with either one. I never had a paddle before and can’t wait to hold one and give some spankings as well as to receiving some. But I do agree that the Thwack does sound like it would be good for giving a nice spank.

  6. Huff
    Huff at |

    I do like the look of the Pelt. Its shape reminds me of a hairbrush and conjures up memories of some happy/kinky times. Wood on bum, now there was a real “Thwack!” lol

  7. Serena
    Serena at |

    I like the idea of the thwack, a hard and heavy hit. The idea of it being a bigger sensation than the palm of a hand appeals to me too. I like that they are silicone, so any area of the body can be teased without worrying about bacteria etc Sometimes having soft tails on a flogger worries me slightly.

  8. dizzygirl812
    dizzygirl812 at |

    I like the name Thwack.

  9. bluekaren
    bluekaren at |

    The thwack paddle sounds like something I could love. Thanks for he comparison review!

  10. Matry
    Matry at |

    I’ve been looking for a good non-leather paddle, and in my search I came across these.. But I was still undecided about which I’d prefer after reading a few reviews of each. Your comparison of these two was very helpful! I am happy you explained that the Pelt can be used for more than “traditional” spanking.. that alone has convinced me I need the Pelt!

  11. Penny
    Penny at |

    Great, thorough review…I definitely want to try one of these soon!

  12. Kai
    Kai at |

    Thank you for this comparison as well as reviews. Both sound like so much fun and I’m sure well be investing in one soon.

  13. Raine
    Raine at |

    They both sound incredible, I like the shape of the Pelt the best-I like that they are waterproof, easy to clean and pretty much durable for life. Thanks for the detailed comparison!


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