A New Direction – photography vs. pornography

I love photography. Before I started blogging, I would spend hours walking in the woods with my camera. In my mind’s eye I can see things and enjoy trying to make them come out through a picture. 

Photo originally appeared on bethworldphotoraphy.com

Photo originally appeared on bethworldphotoraphy.com

After we launched Kink, ect… I stumbled upon some wonderful Memes and was excited to share my photos through them. It seemed like the perfect way to blend my love for photography and our new blogging endeavor.

I never thought much about the type of images I was sharing. That was, until I read a post by Cara Sutra where she shared her thoughts about photography vs. pornography. Cara pointed out that there seems to be a growing trend for bloggers to bare it all in their photos. In the quest for blog traffic and stats, Cara talked about how some bloggers feel pressured to share these images.

Her perceptions and words rang true for me. Although I never joined Memes to produce pornographic images, I easily fell into the mindset that showing more in my photos equaled higher stats. Although, the ones I shared did indeed help my site traffic, Cara started me thinking about the image I was portraying through them.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I’d strayed far away from the creative quality of photography that I enjoy. Instead of being works of art, my images were more suited for the cover of a porn movie. I’m not sure when my thinking changed or if I even realized it at the time. But one thing’s for sure, this isn’t how I want to depict myself through our blog. 

I can never thank Cara Sutra enough for her post. It not only helped me realize the direction my photos were going it also challenged me to begin

 a new path. Now my mind swirls with ideas of how to portray kink, BDSM and fetish through provocative yet artistic images.

As I grow as a photographer, I hope you enjoy the new direction I’m choosing. Soon I’ll have a professional looking Gallery page to share our latest works and I hope you stop by from time to time to enjoy it. 

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One Response to A New Direction – photography vs. pornography

  1. Molly says:

    I bare it all in some of my image and in others I don’t. I think there is a place for all types of photography but I have never felt pressured into posting any image, they have all been my choice and I don’t post the to gain extra traffic I post them because I like them, I am proud of them, they are part of who I am.


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