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  1. PropertyOfPotter
    PropertyOfPotter at |

    What you already know is amazing in and of itself! You’re a determined woman, I can’t wait to see what you’re able to do with rope a few months from now!

  2. Miss July
    Miss July at |

    Beautiful rope work!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  3. kikamystik
    kikamystik at |

    Every time I see your shots in rope it truly amazes me of how much you have come to learn. I think you should keep it up and keep posting these awesome pics you do.

  4. Silverdrop
    Silverdrop at |

    It’s a very good picture.

  5. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    It’s a beautiful picture, even if it did not turn out like you wanted it :)

    Rebel xox

  6. Emma Whispers
    Emma Whispers at |

    Wow thats an amazing image!

  7. kinkybikermom
    kinkybikermom at |

    awesome rope work

  8. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman at |

    Your rope work always amazes and fascinates me, as do your images. Always perfect, always gorgeous. xx

  9. KaziG
    KaziG at |

    Practice makes perfect! But you’re right, there’s always more to learn :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  10. Molly
    Molly at |

    I love the drive to learn and challenge oneself… it shows a real passion and strength of character!


  11. modestyablaze
    modestyablaze at |

    As much as I (now) love the feeling of rope on my skin I know I’m not ready for this yet! Amazing!

  12. Beck (@beck42069)
    Beck (@beck42069) at |

    This one is really amazing!

  13. The Sin Doll
    The Sin Doll at |

    I love all of the rope pictures that you’ve been doing. Really beautiful.

  14. ThatPosition
    ThatPosition at |

    Oh WoW Lori !!! You have a real passion for the rope thing:)
    Truly beautiful. All your rope images look like a paintings :)
    Beautiful! xxx


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